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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Too old to care...

Some days I wake up and wonder why am I continuing to do this? The world is getting crazier by the minute. Sure you can tell me, my reality is all about what I focus on,but there is always a tiny voice that says "That is just a bunch of bull sh*t." I only hear that voice when I am sitting very still. Maybe I am just too old to really care. I am starting to understand why people's prayers sometimes change from "Thank you for your blessings." to "Lord I am ready when you are...come get me."

Getting too old to care shows up the first thing in the morning. I get out of bed in worse shape than the night before. My body aches. Someone said to me "Sounds like you slept wrong." I guess I should appreciate the effort they put in to show concern, but all I can do is wonder about how they made it this far with their obvious lack of intelligence. I didn't sleep wrong. I was unconscious and I woke up. Sounds correct to me. Some people's kids...

Speaking of that, my frustration continues when I am in a conversation with a younger person and he said that he had never heard of the Allman Brothers Band. It happened. Where were the parents when this person was being raised? He asked me if I have ever heard of Drake, Kanye West, and even Justin Beiber. I just looked at him. I said "Of course I have, I don't live under a rock." Modern day thinking leaves me bewildered. What is relevant has nothing to do with my reality, yet I created it.

My body is changing. I can't go commando anymore because of leakage. Sex sounds like a good theory. When I say what turns me on, all I hear is "Ew!" I guess that is the natural progression of things and I don't like that it is here for me.

I was working in the store last week and a guy came in asking, "Why are all the old dudes working in the morning and the cute women in the afternoon?" First of all, that is a stupid question. The only time old dudes can work is in the morning. That way they will be able to make the early bird buffet at 3:30 pm and be home in time to watch a relaxing show of Wheel of Fortune. Then it is off to bed to start the cycle all over again. One day it will be over for me. Then it will be your turn to shake your head at the insanity we are calling reality.

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